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Re: [dvd-discuss] Security Systems Standards Certification Act[SSSCA]

On Fri, 15 Mar 2002, Tuyet A. N. Tran wrote:

> In case anyone is interested, I understand that MSNBC
> Silicon Summit III broadcast on 3/17/02 will include a
> discussion on SSSCA. A preview of panelists:

Wow, talk about a balanced and diverse panel.

Can I nominate my additions for the list?

 David Touretsky -- Computer science professor
 Eric Corley -- Magazing publisher
 Eric Eldred -- librarian
 Dan Wallach and/or David Wagner and/or ??? -- Computer science professors
    and security experts.
 And one or more representatives from EFF

Anyone got a URL or think they'd give a damn if I were to send this email
to them? If the panel were a bit more diverse, I'd be sure to
watch/monitor it. But this.. This is a farce.


> Craig Barrett, Chief Executive Officer Intel Corp.
> Rick Belluzzo, President and CEO Microsoft Corp.
> Jeffrey Bezos, Founder and CEO Amazon.com
> Rob Glaser, Chairman and CEO RealNetworks*
> Barry Schuler, Chairman and CEO America Online
> Terry Semel, Chairman and CEO Yahoo!
> Howard Stringer, Chairman and CEO Sony Corp. of America
> Ted Waitt, Chairman and CEO