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Re: [dvd-discuss] Viant report (was Washington Post Article)

The choice quotes notwithstanding, this is an excellent report. The 
author's sympathies clearly lie with the media conglomerates, but he 
tries for balance and has a lot of interesting material. In 
particular, his detailed discussion of the unauthorized distribution 
of movies on the Internet demonstrates that DVD cracking is a small 
part of the problem.

He seems to be trying to guide the industry away from an ever 
escalating enforcement war and into the direction of designing DRM 
solutions that are easy to use and attractively priced, so most users 
will get in the habit of downloading them instead of unauthorized 
copies.  There is a lot to be said for that approach.

It's well worth reading.

Arnold Reinhold

At 5:12 AM +0000 2/27/02, 78v3rc001@sneakemail.com wrote:
>That really is golden. I read through the report just to see it for 
>myself. It's on page 31 for others that may want to find it.
>Phill K
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>Subject: [dvd-discuss] Viant report (was Washington Post Article)
>Here's a few nice exerpts...sorry about the formatting since it was 
>pulled from a PDF file...that they hadn't exercised their DRM 
>ability in the Adobe Acrobat to prevent me....
>Moreover, DRM has the greatest odds of being effective if it is 
>introduced subtly, so as not to present an obvious target of 
>opportunity for hackers (who you know will crack it), but rather to 
>convince non-partisan consumers who are uninterested
>in conflict or complexity that legitimate content is desirable and 
>easy, rather than challenging and restrictive. What’s needed is a 
>“sneak attack.”