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Re: [dvd-discuss] Eldred v. Ashcroft Accepted for ReviewbySCOTUS

On 02/20/02 at 15:36, 'twas brillig and Michael A Rolenz scrobe:

> Progress has nothing to do with maximizing anything. It has to do with 
> increasing rather than stagnating or regressing. It's not having the best 
> it's making things better. Finding the optimums for some quantity or 
> strategy (e.g., optimal control) is intellectually seductive but a 
> pragmatically a pointless exercise.The only things that can be optimized 
> are simplistic models (e.g., Posner and Landes) that are based upon 
> questionable assumptions as well as not being structurally stable under 
> small perturbations or even unique(e..g, whatif the function ISN"T convex) 
> as well as ignoring many other aspects.

	For the record (and because I've gotten no less than THREE
emails in the space of five minutes "explaining" various things to me)
I agree completely with Michael R. -- I was merely trying to point out
that *even on it's own terms* P&L smells higher than a three-days-dead

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