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Re: [dvd-discuss] Eldred v. Ashcroft Accepted for ReviewbySCOTUS

Ole Craig writes:

: 	If we have to fight the battle on (capitalist) economist's
: turf, then we must find a way to change the focus. Posner et al seem
: to zero in on maximizing the output of a given work. We must show that
: a policy that holds such individual maximization as the preeminent
: goal will result in a reduction of the *overall economic output of the
: industry*, because a large number of possible new works (and hence new
: opportunities for economic output) depend on the utilization of old
: works in the public domain, and those profits cannot occur unless the
: public domain continues to expand.
: 	(Ugh, now my brain hurts and I feel icky. How do economists
: stand thinking like this all day?)

In the first place, those who do that sort of law and economics are
not real economists.  In the second place they think, they just

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