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Re: [dvd-discuss] Hearing on "Sovereign Immunity and the Protectionof Intellectual Property"

On 02/16/02 at 03:14, 'twas brillig and Jeremy A Erwin scrobe:
> On Saturday, February 16, 2002, at 02:26  AM, Larry Blunk wrote:
> >   The US Senate Judiciary Committee has scheduled a hearing titled
> > "Sovereign Immunity and the Protection of Intellectual Property" for
> > Feb 27 at 10:00AM.  Further details can be found at
> > http://judiciary.senate.gov/beta/hearing.cfm?id=169
> > Although it's not entirely clear what will be discussed at this
> > hearing, I suspect the DeCSS and Elcomsoft cases will likely
> > be brought up.
> >
> IIRC, sovereign immunity can also apply to states. If a state wanted to 
> be very nice to it's University employees, educational use could be 
> immune from copyright lawsuits..., as a state can only be sued in it's 
> own courts, etc.

<bitter laugh> Guess I'm SOL, then. 

	Boston pols seem to be doing their damndest to use the state
university system and its employees for toilet paper. (Most of them
went to private schools, and can't begin to understand why they should
fund UMass when there're all these great schools in and around
Cambridge, like Harvard, BC, MIT, BU, &etc..)

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