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Re: [dvd-discuss] EFF: Security Researchers Drop Scientific Censo rship Case

At 05:33 PM 2/7/2002 +0100, Tom wrote:
>On Thu, Feb 07, 2002 at 08:30:01AM -0800, James S. Tyre wrote:
> > In the circumstances, this result cannot be unfair to Mr. Lodi.
> > Although it is true that, as plaintiff and appellant, he loses, it
> > is equally true that, as defendant and respondent, he wins.  It is
> > hard to imagine a more even handed application of justice.  Truly, it
> > would appear that Oreste Lodi is that rare litigant who is assured of
> > both victory and defeat regardless of which side triumphs.
> >
> > Lodi v. Lodi, 173 Cal.App.3d 628 (1985)
>what was that case about? just curious, sounds like an interesting

I don't recall all the details, but the guy was suing himself attempting to 
collect on insurance which he  had.  The lower court ruled in favor of him, 
as defendant, because he, as Plaintiff, had manufactured an artificial 
suit.  When he, as Plaintiff, appealed, the Court of Appeal affirmed, so he 
didn't get the insurance $$$.

I never would have known of the case, but an activist from Oz mentioned it 
on the cyber-rights-uk list.  Almost certainly being the only California 
lawyer on that list, I had to look it up, I found the quote amusing.  Odd 
how the Internet works.  ;-)

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