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RE: [dvd-discuss] EFF: Security Researchers Drop Scientific Censo rship Case

At 10:52 AM 2/7/2002 +0000, Steve Hosgood wrote:
>James S. Tyre writes:
> > >Hmm. Better pre-register freejamestyre.org as a precaution though... :-)
> >
> >
> > Yeah, well, watch yerself, buddyboy, you may see the dark side of me
> > emerge, and find yerself on the wrong end of a domain name dispute:
> >
>Slight misunderstanding here obviously....
>What I should have said was "James better pre-register freejamestyre.org
>(just in case he *loses* the damn case to Wendy)"
>I also maybe didn't put enough smileys on the posting in general!

Nah, I got it, I knew you were having fun.  As was I, when I shot back the 
whois.gandi.net info on jamestyre.org, but perhaps I shouldn't have put my 
smiley way down at the bottom of it.  ;-)

>                          --------------------
>I was expecting to see people commenting that it was illegal to generate
>deliberate court cases in which someone (EFF in this case) effectively takes
>themselves to court in order to get a legal precedent set. The lack of
>such comments makes me wonder if indeed it would be perfectly OK to do so?

No, your first instinct is correct.  Manufacturing a case where none exists 
definitely is not kosher.  Though you might enjoy one of my alternate sig 

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In the circumstances, this result cannot be unfair to Mr. Lodi.
Although it is true that, as plaintiff and appellant, he loses, it
is equally true that, as defendant and respondent, he wins.  It is
hard to imagine a more even handed application of justice.  Truly, it
would appear that Oreste Lodi is that rare litigant who is assured of
both victory and defeat regardless of which side triumphs.

Lodi v. Lodi, 173 Cal.App.3d 628 (1985)