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Re: [dvd-discuss]Possible DRM Mischief

Try reading the file with another PDF reader perhaps?

On Tue, 5 Feb 2002, Michael A Rolenz wrote:

> The Amer. Stat. Assoc. now sells 41yrs of Technometrics on 4 CDROMS. I got 
> mine last week. When I tried opening a PDF file using acrobat (5.0.3), I 
> got an error message "THere was an error opening this document. Afile read 
> error has occured". After running the installation program (and telling it 
> I DON"T want it to install acrobat reader 4.0). I can open the PDF files. 
> Anybody have an idea what they've done? Clearly the installation program 
> put SOMETHING somewhere that tells the reader that the files are OK to 
> read. Does anybody know the mechanism?