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On Mon, 4 Feb 2002 14:39:11 -0500, Kurt Hockenbury wrote:

>"Studios close the door on DVD copying"

From the article
"The studios' attempt to close the door on DVD copying is just one push in a
broad effort aimed at ensuring Hollywood avoids the piracy that has plagued
the recording industry for the past several years."

This should read "[the industry] avoids the commodity pricing that has
plagued the optical disc manufacturing industry."

Affordable DVD media will not happen while inexpensive CDs can hold 
MPEG-4 movies as well as docs and jpegs. Note most home movies are 
lees than 90 minutes and few home moviemakers have the time to edit
more than 10 or 15 minute clips. 

I venture that DVD is practically dead as anything but a published movie

This come-lately alarm over DVD recordables follows alarm over broadband,
the Internet itself, VHS, third-hand projectors, and god knows what else.
It's just more fear-mongering from fear merchants.