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Re: [dvd-discuss] Re: Your domain names are expiring!

At 02.15 -0800 02-01-28, Seth David Schoen wrote:
>This is an annual reminder that cssfaq.org is about to expire and I
>will be glad to try to turn it over to anyone from among the
>DMCA-opponent community who wants to run it (and pay for it).
>Otherwise, I'm likely to let it lapse.

Didn't the Berkman Center agree to host and maintain your FAQ?

Maybe my memory is playing tricks on me, but I thought you and Wendy
Seltzer resolved this. Anyway - if you still need somewhere to host the FAQ
I could probably arrange hosting and see to it that domain name costs
incurred are paid to Verisign (or the accurate registrar). However, I don't
have the time to maintain the FAQ (for the time beeing I can't even access
cssfaq.org, hence I don't know the state of the FAQ), but maybe other
listmembers are willing to do that?




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