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Re: [dvd-discuss] UK ruling against Playstation mods

Andy Oram wrote:
> Thanks for the pointer.One excerpt:
> Judge Jacob stated that Sony licensed games for the territory that they were
> issued, the licensing of these games did not allow for their use in other
> territories, therefore whether they were imported for private and domestic
> use by personal purchase for instance via the internet, or purchased abroad
> on holiday, they were not allowed by Sony to be played outside of the
> licensed territory, this argument should be upheld.
> So any restriction put by any company in any license can serve as the excuse
> for enforcing a ban on circumvention.

Doesn't this conflict with the recent anti-EULA decision w.r.t. Adobe. 
If an explicitly click-through license isn't binding how can an implicit
-- "you can't carry this home in your suitcase" because our player won't
let you binding.

Is code now more powerful that contract law?