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Re: [dvd-discuss] Byte Editorial by Shannon Cochran

Dean Sanchez writes:

> I enjoy seeing editorials like this one.   I only wish that the "main stream" general press would recognize the issues at stake instead of (m)aligning any citizen that disagrees with the industries' stance as "evil hackers and pirates".  Sometimes when I talk about the issues with friends and colleagues, I feel like Cassandra.  Anyway, thanks and cheers to Shannon Cochran and the other journalists and writers that are willing to take a stance against such powerful interests.

I hope she doesn't mind my saying so, but Shannon Cochran, beyond being
a good and interesting writer, and a capable journalist, is at the left
of the banner in the picture I copied at


beneath the white-on-black "Free Dmitry Sklyarov" sign.  So she's not
exactly new to the cause.

(I'm really just jealous because I'm not recognizable in any of those
panoramic pictures.)

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