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Re: [dvd-discuss] dmca international?

Interesting argument which, without a clearer understanding of German 
copyright law cannot be decided for certain. However the point is that it 
must be German copyright law and not American. That means that there should 
be something pointing to an article of German law which requires that this 
protection should be extended to German copyright, because the basic Berne 
position is in this case, American copyright owners get the same protection 
in Germany as German copyright owners get in Germany. American copyright 
owners to not get to apply American law in any court in the world.

There are international agreements on top of that and the passing of the DCMA 
was supposed to put some WIPO agreements into American law I seem to 
remember, If those same agreements have been been legislated for in Germany 
then Adobe might possibly have a case. But it is a question of German law and 
therefore we are not talking about the direct exportation of the DCMA.

From general principles therefore I think your legal eagle is wrong, unless 
there is some particular reference to German law in your opinion, ask for an 
opinion from an expert in the field.