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Re: [dvd-discuss] [openlaw] Government takes more extreme lineinsecond"Eldred" case

"Ballowe, Charles" <CBallowe@usg.com> wrote:
>What about works done as a work-for-hire, or with multiple authors?
>What about those authored by a corporation? Do they only enter the 
>public domain if the company goes under?

Here is my solution (not that I think this has a chance of going anywhere):

- Copyrights and patents must only be held by people (not corporations).
- Copyrights and patents must be non-transferable.

ArtI Sec8 Cls8 has the phrase "to authors and inventors".  It doesn't
say anything about their employers.  No corporation has ever done
anything creative.  That is something only people can do.  In the case
of something created by an employee at work, their employer should be
entitled to an unlimited license.  But the creators still hold
the copyright/patent.
Jim Bauer, jfbauer@home.com