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Re: [dvd-discuss] Re:[dvd-discuss][openlaw]Governmenttakesmoreextremelineinsecond"Eldred"case

Good point....and all those UMG CDs are mixed up in the bins with the TWI, 
columbia, bmg, sony and everybody elses in the marketplace. Looks all the 
same to the man in the street.

Of course the DMCA gets in the way too of the computer science, 
mathematics, engineering and communications community to study how the 
lifetime gets degraded.

"John Zulauf" <johnzu@ia.nsc.com>
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Michael A Rolenz wrote:
> Yeah and the customer is going to say "why should I play your cheezy 
> player when I've just downloaded (or bought) a much much better one that 
> WANT to use" and "what do you mean I can't?" "shrinkwrap, schminkwrap"

which makes the recent EULA case lost by Adobe all the more
interesting.  If it looks like a sale and it smells like a sale... it's
a sale!  However the horribles of the DMCA still apply.  I hope Philips
attempts to import a CD recorder that circumvents (corrects) the "copy
protection" (data corruption) we need to start off the digital millenium
with a digital "Sony" decision -- though I fear that the current court
would not have sided with Sony...