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[dvd-discuss] Re:[dvd-discuss][openlaw]Governmenttakesmoreextremelineinsecond"Eldred"case

Michael A Rolenz wrote:
> Yeah and the customer is going to say "why should I play your cheezy media
> player when I've just downloaded (or bought) a much much better one that I
> WANT to use" and "what do you mean I can't?" "shrinkwrap, schminkwrap"

which makes the recent EULA case lost by Adobe all the more
interesting.  If it looks like a sale and it smells like a sale... it's
a sale!  However the horribles of the DMCA still apply.  I hope Philips
attempts to import a CD recorder that circumvents (corrects) the "copy
protection" (data corruption) we need to start off the digital millenium
with a digital "Sony" decision -- though I fear that the current court
would not have sided with Sony...