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Re: [dvd-discuss] Possible counterargument (was Re: Digital Rights Management... )

>[an East India publishing magnate:]
>So, Mr. Franklin, it comes to our attention that you have been freely
>quoting--nay pilfering--the words of Messrs Locke and Rousseau. We consider
>these scribes to be among our top international properties. Why look
>here--just last month you appropriated and entire page and one half of M.
>Voltaire--our very top money maker for the last six quarters!
>After a date with our barristers it looks like Poor Richard will be quite a
>bit more so!

ps. Burning Madison's white house might have been an enforcement action for
the Royal Academyof Architects...

"Columns? Pediments? What manner of poseur!

Send a courier to Lake Como and inform Lord Reynolds we've driven the spiny
crustaceans back to the sea! WE OWN THE NEO-CLASSIC ORDER!!!"