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Re: [dvd-discuss] Rep. Boucher and EFF on copy-protected CDs

More to the point.  I wrote to Universal saying that as I listen to all
my music on MP3 (such as the Rio-Volt I got for Christmas -- whee!) any
CD I can't convert to MP3 has no value to me.

I believe Universal is going to take a beating in the marketplace on
this one.  Writing a letter should rub salt in the wound.

Of course in the group-think of corporate IP lawyers -- they will note
the high volume of cracked Universal content (copy protection creates a
market for it) and blame "pirates" for their losses and seek yet more
strict laws against fair-use technologies.


Ron Gustavson wrote:
> re. Universal's copy protected CDs, an EFF attorney raises an important
> point about blank media royalties...
> "If you put technology in place that prevents people from using their
> recording devices, then it seems that you should not be eligible for the
> royalty payments under the AHRA," said Fred von Lohmann, a staff attorney
> with the Electronic Frontier Foundation.
> http://www.zdnet.com/zdnn/stories/news/0,4586,5101267,00.html
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