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[dvd-discuss] DMCA/CSS effectively contravene WIPO treaty?

	On the enemy^H^H^H^H^HWIPO website, in the notes
(http://www.wipo.org/eng/diplconf/distrib/96dc.htm#a_12) on art. 12 of
the WIPO treaty (http://www.wipo.org/eng/diplconf/distrib/94dc.htm)
that the DMCA is supposed to implement, they say:

    [...] It is further understood that Contracting Parties [i.e.
    nations] will not rely on this Article to devise or implement
    rights management systems that would have the effect of imposing
    formalities which are not permitted under the Berne Convention or
    this Treaty, prohibiting the free movement of goods or impeding
    the enjoyment of rights under this Treaty.

	Does this mean that the DMCA coupled with CSS causes a
violation of the treaty, since this combination implements a DRM
system that prohibits the free movement of goods? [region coding]

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