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Re: [dvd-discuss] "Dmitry Sets the Record Straight"

>In this story by Lisa Rein, published by the O'Reilly Network, Dmitry
>Sklyarov tries to make a clarification on the deal made with the US
>Attorney's Office. Most important: Sklyarov states that there was no plea
>bargain made between Dmitry and the U.S. Attorney's Office. I don't get it
>- the message from the US Attorney's Office points in a different
>direction, and why was Sklyarov released if he did not make a deal?
>Could someone please set the record even straighter?

Sure! I urge you to read our Dec. 18 coverage on this agreement:

Dmitry Sklyarov yearns for family, friends, snow -- and life
  - Soon back home in Moscow, he plans to continue working
     for ElcomSoft and on dissertation

This article also links to a recent ElcomSoft news release that
provides additional information about the agreement.

rgds ~ Kurt

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