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[dvd-discuss] Re: [free-sklyarov] adobe DMCA letters

>I don't have a problem with adobe trying to stop software piracy. I do
>have a problem with them calling on ISPs

SEE --->

About Adobe: Internet protection - BayTSP WebCrawlers

"Adobe is actively involved in protecting its rights, as well as
ensuring value to its customers. The Internet has evolved into a
digital highway where people can send and receive information almost
instantly. However, this mode of communication has become another
channel for software piracy. Either unknowingly, or willfully,
parties are transporting copyrighted Adobe software illegally. This
decreases the value of our products to everyone."

"To assist us in monitoring the Internet for copyright infringement,
Adobe has also enlisted aid from BayTSP. BayTSP's Web crawlers
constantly check for the presence of illegal software on the
Internet. To avoid getting "bit by the spider," respect and adhere to
the End User License Agreement included with your software."