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[dvd-discuss] Announcement: Free Software Law Discussion list created

As a followup to a free software law summit hosted by Bruce Perens of HP
September, 2001, a mailing list to address issues of free  software
legal issues has been created, fsl-discuss@lists.alt.org.

This list satisfies an unmet need within the free software community.
While there are discussions oriented toward specific legal issues such
as the OSI's license-discuss submissions review list, Free-Sklyarov list
and DVD-discuss, and there are general  discussions for free software
and free software business, there is no discussion that focusses on
general legal aspects of free software.

So we've created fsl-discuss.

The list charter is:  Legal issues concerning free software.

This includes: licensing (in a general sense, specific issues of, say,
OSI certification should be directed to the OSI license-discuss list),
patent, trademark, legislation, standards, international treaties, and
other aspects of law.  The list is intended for  general discussion.

For further information, to subscribe, or to view archives, see:

List moderator and hosts are Karsten M. Self and Drew Streib.

Karsten is a long-time active member of the free software and GNU/Linux
communities, who's been involved in numerous discussions, panels,
publications, and presentations of legal issues.           

Drew is a cofounder of SourceForge.net, a member of the Free Standards
Group (http://www.freestandards.org/), Linux International, and other
organizations and activities.

Thanks to Drew for providing hosting services for FSL-Discuss.

Thank you.

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