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Re: [dvd-discuss] The 2nd Front

Jim Bauer writes:

> There has been a lot of effort expended on fighting
> the DMCA in court.  Unfortunately, success has been rather,
> uh, uh, limited.  But I haven't seen much on fighting this
> battle from the other end.  i.e. getting the law itself
> re-written.  I don't pretend to think this will be easy,
> but every little bit helps.  Here are the steps as I see them.
> 1) Outline problems with current law.  Much of this has been done.
> 2) Come up with changes that would improve things.
> 3) Find a sympathetic senator and representative.
> 4) Propose the changes to them.

A colleague of mine at EFF notes further

"EFF has already been at work on this front for several months, and
that we are hopeful that we may see reform legislation in the early
part of next year. You might also mention that we have drafted statutory
language, but are still working with interested members of Congress on
the details."

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