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[dvd-discuss] DoD busts

A thought occurred to me: the big announcement of the big "warez" raids
Tuesday apparently targeted a group called "DrinkOrDie" who just happen
to be the authors of "Dod Speed Ripper".

Conspiracy theory: perhaps the influence of the MPAA can be felt here?

Reports seem to imply that DoD is infact hardly active at all anymore,
at least in distributing warez.  If that were true they would be an odd
choice for a newsworthy bust.

The Washington Post also quotes some familiar claims: "Officials said
they targeted groups of hackers who illegally copied software such as
the Windows XP operating system, or made DVD-quality reproductions of
such movies as "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone" and "Behind Enemy
Lines," and distributed the copies free on the Internet."

Maybe the warez bust is just a cover for cracking down on DVD rippers,
in much the same way as 2600 got sued along with dvd-copy.com.

OK, maybe that's pretty far-fetched...