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Re: [dvd-discuss] The power of a click

--- mickey <mickeym@mindspring.com> wrote:
> How does one measure the effort required to click a mouse? In the past, 
> it was a neat thing when machines could do work "at the push of a 
> button." Today, the click is seen as an effortless way to initiate a 
> series of instructrions in a list. But the thing I am having trouble 
> figuring out is this:
> How can a click be an effortless and mindless action, as in starting a 
> circumvention program, while also being used to verify that one has 
> applied careful consideration to a(n) EULA?

Oh, that is a very good point!! 

The idea that the amount of physical motion of an act is a consideration in
deciding who is responsible for its results has no basis in law. However subtle
the mostion, there is nothing subtle about the state of mind that it
represents. DeCSS is not some kind of software booby trap that decrypts without
an absolutely clear intent to engage in the conduct of decryption solely on the
part of the user.

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