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[dvd-discuss] Another opinion on the appellate court's decision (longish)

I wonder if worrying about the click is so important. After all, the problem 
that the court seems to be focussing on is the speed at which the effect of 
the click takes place. (As if the court could grant an injunction in time to 
prevent someone clicking!).

Would it be a breach of injunction to post the URL (unlinked) and advise 
people to copy and paste? Or perhaps put a link to a plug-in that 
automatically made URL's links on the web page by the user's browser even 
though it is not on the originating server.

And we have not even begun to discuss embedding.

On a more serious note, posting URLs seems to have got extremely dangerous. 
If there is an interest in preventing copyright infringement that permits 
injunctions of this sort, then the analogies come thick and fast. Guns, 
explosions, drugs, anti-American propaganda.

I don't know about Red Hat offering free software to all the schools in 
America, they should be offering free training courses to all the judges!