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Re: [dvd-discuss] Look who I'm presenting with--

microlenz@earthlink.net wrote:
> Jim,
> Not worth $995!   At least I had the grace to tell John this in a
> private email!  :-(
> Besides, it seems a bit pricey...I'm going to a technical conference
> in Long Beach earlier in the week that's half the price and the
> vendors have free food in the evening too.

Not worth $995 bah!

Here is the abstract for my written comments (it's acutally a panel and
I won't get to present the whole of it)

Title: Standards, Copyright, and Patent Challenges to Bridging the
Digital Divide (12 pages)

Abstract: On an increasingly frequent basis legal, treaty, and standards
committee decisions are being made which have dramatic implications for
the digital divide. If not understood and addressed these decisions
threaten to fortify and broaden that divide. These issues also impact
the information appliance (IA) market, providing a non-digital-divide
forum for these concerns.  This paper explores the nature of these
issues and encourages those involved in bridging the digital divide to
actively voice those concerns by becoming involved in the very processes
that create them. Finally, the emerging information appliance market is
shown to be the best ally to those interested in bridging the digital
divide, and a bellwether for those issues that would threaten to fortify
rather than close that divide.

I'll post the full text after the conference.

Happy Thanksgiving (US Citizens) -- we have much to be thankful for,
even on our worst day.