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Re: [dvd-discuss] MovieMask - I'm sure the lawsuit is on itsway

Michael A Rolenz wrote:
> One of the dangers of devices of this sort is the ability of people to
> "gentilize" their lives so that they don't ever see anything that they
> don't ever want to see again. You don't want to see the bad villan, edit
> him out..Of course the hero's triumph doesn't seem as large or as
> entertaining.

Actually, the ability to edit for children and "broadcast" standards
actually ensures the artists freedom to be "Nasty as they want to be". 
I don't have to buy 2 live crew, but a www.editDaCrew.com which would
download EDL's to bleep the album would expand their market.

> WRT to the "Old Man", my Dad only started using profanity infront of this
> children when they were past 16. Ditto for adult humor-which I found much
> more entertaining than the adolescent humor at school.

As with all parenting questions, there are no right answers, only lots
of less wrong ones.  Not making any claim to virtue or vice here -- I
just know that children are parrots and far more is caught than taught
-- thus I favor being able to target what I think is appropriate for my
kids until they mature enough to make those choices (which I hopefully
will recognize accurately, and prior to the point where their is little
I can do about it anyway).