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Re: [dvd-discuss] MovieMask - I'm sure the lawsuit is on itsway

One of the dangers of devices of this sort is the ability of people to 
"gentilize" their lives so that they don't ever see anything that they 
don't ever want to see again. You don't want to see the bad villan, edit 
him out..Of course the hero's triumph doesn't seem as large or as 

WRT to the "Old Man", my Dad only started using profanity infront of this 
children when they were past 16. Ditto for adult humor-which I found much 
more entertaining than the adolescent humor at school.

"John Zulauf" <johnzu@ia.nsc.com>
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Michael A Rolenz wrote:
> If they don't allow circumvention they get are not allowing parents to
> edit out objectionable content for their children in the least 
> manner...in fact...I've never believed in the V(?)  chip approach that
> required censorship stuff be installed in TVs etc but this one almost
> "appeals" to me because it does allow the parents to make somewhat more 
> an informed choice rather than "This content has been dubbed "BAD" by
> people you don't know or know why they dubbed it "bad" but trust us it's
> bad".....Yep...you gotta love how SleazeTown may get hoisted by their 
> petard on this ....

This is of course correct.  One set of parents may object to profanity
(or to some specific use for example taking the name of G*d in vain),
another to sexuality or sexuality of a particular level, type, or
intensity, another to violence, another to eating meat or even just
pork.  How about an overlay that translates the work into a language not
supported by Hollywood (that's an interesting case, what is the case law
on translation -- especially if it is done in a way that requires
purchase (rental or other access) to the orginal work?)

> As for profanity hurting little Johnnies ears...he's probably heard it
> from his "old man" already

Not necessarily... even hearing from the schoolyard toughs -- I've
looked in the eyes of younger two -- it's not something they're not
comfortable with.  It's my choice what kind of language my kids hear in
my house (at least until they are a bit older).  I'm not trying to start
a "profanity is bad (or good)" debate... my point is (in agreement with
yours) that parents certainly want and should have finer control.