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Re: [dvd-discuss] Must Copyright terms be uniform?

Dean Sanchez wrote:
> But seriously, do you think that there is a realistic chance reducing
> the copyright limits to even 50 years? I can envision existing holders
> would arguing that the reduction would be uncompensated 'seizure' by the
> government.  Eldred's argument in reverse as it were.  Maybe any hope of
> success would require us to work toward applying any new limits to
> future works.

Actually it is probably true that any reduction of terms could not be
retroactive.  Certainly each work should be given the copyright protect
promised by "we the people" at the time of it's publication.  Knowing
how gov'ts love corporate welfare, one could imagine providing tax
credits for reducing all works held be a publisher or author to the then
currently shorter term.  If voluntary (and lucrative) there would be no
issue of taking.

I favor a "founder" based argument to the court -- and what will move
our congress out of the Zvengali like grip of the media companies I
don't know.