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RE: [dvd-discuss] Must Copyright terms be uniform?

While I can baritone of your comments and they strike a favorable chord,
some of the other arguments regarding this subject come across as a
little falsetto.

But seriously, do you think that there is a realistic chance reducing
the copyright limits to even 50 years? I can envision existing holders
would arguing that the reduction would be uncompensated 'seizure' by the
government.  Eldred's argument in reverse as it were.  Maybe any hope of
success would require us to work toward applying any new limits to
future works.

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Michael A Rolenz wrote:
> John Z.s argument is that the work enters into
>  the public domain sometime in
> the next generation which puts the term somewhere larger than 28 and
> than 50yrs.

Actually I've argued it must enter the PD in the "heart" of the next
generations productivity -- yeilding more of a 20-30 year range. 
Defining "heart" as at latest spanning the 40-50 yr old range and
starting the clock at 15-22 years old yeild from 18-35 years.

> one of my favorite puns I've ever made is when I told a woman I know
> who had just had her cat neutered "Oh you made him a catstratii"   ;-)

I don't think I like the tenor of your comments -- I've been known to
hand out the pun-ishment myself.

.002 -- which only makes sense standing on your head.