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RE: [dvd-discuss] DVD Wizard

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> From: Dean Sanchez [mailto:DSanchez@fcci-group.com]
> I am in the processing of converting all of our home movies (8mm tape,
> HI-8, and DV) to SVCD format because I am worried about the tape
> degradation.  You can get about 40 minutes at the highest quality the
> SVCD standard allows onto each 80 minute cd.  Most DVDs would require
> 2-3 SVCDs just to hold the movie without the additional bonus 
> material.

The key phrase there is "at the higest quality".  With these
video formats the quality setting can be fiddled with to get
more material into the same space at if you are willing to
sacrifice quality.

How much you wanna bet that these guys wouldn't be using the
higest setting (whether they are doing SVCD or plain ol' VCD)?

-Richard M. Hartman

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