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[dvd-discuss] NYT: Idea Wars

There is a very good article on the IP battles in yesterdays NY Times


November 11, 2001

Suddenly, 'Idea Wars' Take On a New Global Urgency


"As officials from around the world gather to discuss global trade in Doha,
Qatar, this weekend, many are challenging one of the towering achievements
of American industry during its economic boom years: an unprecedented
expansion of intellectual property rights.


But critics warn that, far from promoting innovation, America is in the
midst of an information-age enclosure movement comparable to the fencing
off of public grazing lands at the dawn of the Industrial Revolution.
Building on the ideas of others, a fundamental part of creativity, they
say, is much harder when a license must be negotiated to use any existing
sliver of innovation. And, they complain, intellectual property rights are
regularly trumping social values like free speech or public health.


And lots of other good stuff.

Arnold Reinhold