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Re: [dvd-discuss] DVD Wizard

On Sat, Nov 10, 2001 at 02:28:23PM -0500, John Dempsey (john.dempsey7@verizon.net) wrote:
> There are some strange things about its ad.
> You can't copy the text of it... it has disabled the ways I can think of to
> copy the text.

The page uses javascript to prevent you from copying the text. Just
disable javascript in your browser. If you're using IE5.5 or IE6.0 you 
should already have done this; see

> I don't understand how they burn DVD's onto CD-R disks in a CD burner.
> These can then play on a DVD player.  Maybe I'm naive but I thought the DVD
> format was more dense and beyond the capability of a normal CD burner to
> create.

As Tom already mentioned, most DVD players are also capable of playing
VCD (VideoCD) discs. This product most likely transcodes the DVD MPEG2
streams to VCD MPEG1 (which is of _much_ lower quality). 

A similar product is available from the german company gdata:

It would be interesting to analyze the binaries of these products and
have a look at where their CSS implementation came from.

Jon Johansen