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Re: [dvd-discuss] DVD Wizard

FYI I get about 3 ads per day in my inbox pointing to that site. Just cause its
on the internet...doesnt mean its for real.
Afteralll...you send money to these people and get nothing back...you gonna sue
them for not supplying you with an illegal circumvention device?????? methinks

As for the size issues, size isnt everything but you are right in this intance.
A full DVD would not fit on a CD, it would require (if the technology existed
for spanning volumes) many CDs. Just like the old command-line 'insert another
diskette and press ENTER' thing for copying stuff that didnt fit on a floppy.

The part I like best is where they offer to help you turn VHS tapes into

John Dempsey wrote:

> This product copies DVD's.
> Of course it is a circumvention mechanism, right?
> There are some strange things about its ad.
> You can't copy the text of it... it has disabled the ways I can think of to
> copy the text.
> I don't understand how they burn DVD's onto CD-R disks in a CD burner.
> These can then play on a DVD player.  Maybe I'm naive but I thought the DVD
> format was more dense and beyond the capability of a normal CD burner to
> create.

Dan Steinberg

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