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RE: [dvd-discuss] Reaction to Bunner Opinion

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> From: Bryan Taylor [mailto:bryan_w_taylor@yahoo.com]
> http://www.newsbytes.com/news/01/171782.html
> It seems that the DVDCCA is unhappy. I'm not sure if their 
> use of the word
> "terrorists" is meant as an analogy or to actually refer to us.
> Mr Kessler notes "The court held that trade secret laws are 
> unconstitutional to
> the extent they provide for prevention of dissemination of 
> the trade secret".
> That's exactly right Mr. Kessler. Trade secrets laws only 
> punish those with a
> duty to keep the secret. The general public has no such duty, 
> despite how much
> you feel it should. Repeat after me: The fact that you have a 
> secret does not
> reduce my rights. 

Or in other words: I can disseminate the same information
that you consider to be secret, as long as I did not a) get
it from you b) under the condition that I not disclose it.

Independant discovery of the information that you consider
to be secret is just that: independant.

-Richard M. Hartman

186,000 mi./sec ... not just a good idea, it's the LAW!