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[dvd-announce] Fwd: FC: DeCSS ruling in DVD case must be reversed, eight amicus briefs say

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>Subject: FC: DeCSS ruling in DVD case must be reversed, eight amicus briefs
>   say
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>Eight different coalitions -- from cryptographers to journalist groups -- 
>are filing amicus briefs in the DVD/DeCSS case. The briefs -- an unusually 
>high number -- urge that the Second Circuit Court of Appeals overturn the 
>district court's ruling of last August.
>Wired News article on the briefs being filed today:
>The journalist/media brief, which focuses on the right to link:
>The computer scientists' brief (the only one filed earlier in the week):
>Photos from trial, protests, anti-DMCA march:
>Other briefs include one by the ACLU, one by the ACM, one by law 
>professors, and one by Ernest Miller, Siva Vaidhyanathan et al. that says 
>"to be governed by the District Court's version of the DMCA is to be 
>stripped of the right to make the valuable fair uses of copyrighted 
>materials upon which new contributions to the field are so often based."
>Judge Lewis Kaplan's ruling last August:
>EFF is funding 2600 magazine's defense and appeal. The appeal brief to the 
>circuit court, filed last Friday, is here:
>Brief of MPAA member companies is due February 19. Their amici must file a 
>week later.
>Some of the briefs, including ones I've perused, are still in draft form. 
>EFF promises to have all of them online shortly. ACLU says their brief -- 
>still in draft form -- will be up on their site by noon.
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