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[dvd-announce] New Openlaw FAQ Release

 From Rob Warren <greslin@linuxpower.org>:

After over a month of work, I'm happy to announce that the
first "stable" release of the Openlaw DVD/DeCSS Frequently Asked
Questions list is online at <www.cssfaq.org>.

For linking purposes, link to the following URL:


This is the only URL guaranteed to always be linked to the most
current cut of the FAQ.

Folks, please join me in a round of applause for the people who have
worked so hard to make this happen.  The members of the Openlaw FAQ
Team have beaten themselves to death over the last several weeks,
working to make the FAQ as accurate and complete as possible.  They
deserve all our thanks.

Your friendly neighborhood FAQ team:

Rob Warren
Paul Fenimore
Sean "Sparky" Standish
Eric Seppanen
Wendy Seltzer

Rob Warren

(email) greslin@linuxpower.org    (homepage) www.iag.net/~aleris
        Visit the Openlaw DVD/DeCSS FAQ at www.cssfaq.org!

Wendy Seltzer -- wendy@seltzer.com
Fellow, Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard Law School