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[dvd-announce] FAQ in progress

Rob Warren has posted a draft FAQ, development release, at 

Again, feel free to contribute by email to the dvd-discuss list, Rob, or 
me, or by posting to the hypernews message board linked as "brainstorm" off 
the openlaw/DVD homepage ( 
http://cyber.law.harvard.edu/HyperNews/get3/opendvd.html -- login as 
guest/guest if you don't want to register).

Questions, answers, and clarifications are all welcome.


>From: greslin@linuxpower.org
>Team -
>I've got a very, very rough draft of an FAQ online.  It's in plaintext,
>where it will remain until we're comfortable enough with it to go
>official.  It's also very incomplete, badly ordered and probably wildly
>On top of everything else, I still don't have bios for half the people
>listed as contributors.  If you're listed (or wish to be listed) and
>I still don't have a bio line for you yet, please drop me an email
>and let me know a little bit about you.
>The FAQ is located at:  www.iag.net/~aleris/dvdfaq.txt
>Rob Warren

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