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[dvd-announce] Fwd: FAQ Goodness

Members of the dvd-announce list should feel free to contribute questions
or answers to the FAQ in progress by replying to the dvd-discuss list or to
Rob or me.

Rob Warren (greslin@linuxpower.org) wrote: 

Since the last mention was in the middle of a thread, I thought I'd make
a whole new thread for this.

I'm in the process of putting together an FAQ for this group.  We have new
people coming into this discussion all the time, and the volume is increasing
every day.  We're also running over the same ground over and over again.

If you have ideas for questions, please say so.  I think for legitimacy sake
all named contributors to the FAQ should be listed with their true names and
email addresses; this will add a level of responsibility to the FAQ and make
it look less like a bunch of Internet hackers playing lawyer.

I'm going to work on getting the first rough cut of the FAQ out in the next
couple of days; I'll post the first cut on my personal website and give you
all the URL when it's up.  I expect we'll have plenty of arguing to do before
everyone's happy with it. :)

Some ground rules, let me know what you think:

1.  Real names and email addresses.  Anyone who wishes recognition for their
    contributions to this FAQ should accept responsibility for their work.

2.  The FAQ will not attempt to definitively answer issues that have not
    been decided in court.  Rather, we will try and present the differing
    views in each issue as presented by contributors.

3.  There should be a disclaimer stating that while we are discussing legal
    issues, the vast majority of us are not lawyers, and many of these issues
    are still up in the air.  (BTW.. anyone out there who *is* a laywer,
    please speak up. :))

Wendy, feel free to mirror the FAQ once it's reached a point that you feel
comfortable with it being "official".

Okay.  I'm open for comments.

Rob Warren