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Violence Against Women on the Internet

Campus Sexual Assault Policies
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Sex Trafficking
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The Internet as a Site of Resistance
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Making Women's Place Explicit:
Pornography, Violence, and the Internet

This module was composed by Jennifer Nash

The most visible way in which the Internet has enabled violence against women by allowing for the proliferation of pornographic images. In this module, we will examine the creation, consumption, and content of Internet pornography in order to understand the Internet's role in the perpetuation of violence against women. Using feminist critiques of pornography as a background, we will delve into an analysis of Internet pornography as a business and examine the ways in which this enormous industry has profited from distributing sexist and violent images. Furthermore, we will look at the ways in which the Internet enables violence against children through allowing the anonymous circulation of child pornography. Specifically, we will learn about the virtual child pornography case that the Supreme Court just decided. Finally, we will discuss the recent cases of sex abuse involving priests and child pornography.


  1. Case Study: Virtual Child Pornography
  2. Child Pornography
  3. Pervasive, Popular, Profitable and Private: The Economics of Internet Pornography
  4. The Civil Rights Approach
  5. The Internet, Pornography, Race and Representation
  6. Violent Repercussions of Pornography (Intro)

    I. The Role of Pornography in Predisposing Some Males to Want to Rape

    II. The Role of Pornography in Undermining Some Males' Internal Inhibitions Against Acting out the Desire to Rape

    III. Constitutional Language

  7. Case Study: The Jake Baker Case and Violence Against Women on the Internet
  8. Discussion Questions



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