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This is an experiment in a wiki-based home page. For now, it's my main home page. If I decide the experiment is a failure, and shift to another page, I'll say so here and link to the new page.


I've written a lot over the years about <a href="http://www.earlham.edu/~peters/fos/overview.htm">open access to science and scholarship</a>. This bibliography of my writings on OA focuses less on news and more on commentary and analysis &#151;that is, the pieces that may still be of interest. It includes books, <a href="http://www.earlham.edu/~peters/fos/newsletter/archive.htm">newsletter</a> essays, journal articles, preprints, and interviews. I omit the pure news pieces as well as minor pieces such as blog postings, listserv messages, letters to editors, presentation slides, and small web pages. I plan to keep it up to date. ///mhyphen <a href="http://bit.ly/petersuber">Peter Suber</a>

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  • Unlocking Research. A 28 minute audio interview with me by David Weinberger for Harvard's Berkman Center for Internet & Society, August 16, 2012.
  • Open Access, MIT Press, June 2012.
    • The MIT Press page on the book.
    • My book home page of updates, supplements, and other notes, including links to OA editions. The book became OA in June 2013.
  • Free Knowledge. A 24 minute audio interview with me by David Weinberger for the Harvard Library Innovation Laboratory, June 2, 2011.

  • Public Access to Federally Funded Research: Copyright and Other Issues. A 68-video discussion of federal open-access policy between me and Mark Seeley, Senior Vice President and General Counsel at Elsevier. Held at Harvard Law School, sponsored by the American Bar Association Committee on University Intellectual Property Law, and recorded April 9, 2012.
    • Also see my blog post on this event for some follow-up discussion.

  • Open Accessories, Radio Berkman, recorded February 26, 2009, released March 3, 2009. A 17:30 minute podcast interview with me by David Weinberger.

    • This is an op-ed for the Knight Ridder Tribune papers. It also appeared in the Jewish World Review on September 23, 2004.
    • Published in Syllecta Classica, 16 (2005) 231-246.
    • Translated into Italian by Francesca Di Donato, [

http://eprints.rclis.org/archive/00004956/ Promuovere l'"open access" nelle scienze umane], Bollettino Telematico di Filosofia Politica, September 15, 2005.

  • The Promise of 'Open Access' Publishing," transcript of a live, online colloquy sponsored by the Chronicle of Higher Education, January 29, 2004. Lila Guterman was the host who moderated the discussion, and I was the guest who answered questions.

    • Reprinted (slightly revised) under the same title in Open Access Now, March 15, 2004.
    • Copy in DASH.

James L. Morrison, ** The Free Online Scholarship Movement: An Interview with Peter Suber, The Technology Source, September-October, 2002.

    • Reprinted under the same title in the ARL Bimonthly Report, February 2002 (which came out in April).
    • Copy in DASH.
    • A revised and expanded version of "How Teachers Teach, How Students Learn: Teaching in a Blizzard of Information," in Evan Farber (ed.), Teaching and Technology: The Impact of Unlimited Information Access on Classroom Teaching, Pierian Press, 1991, pp. 67-74, which is itself a revised and expanded version of "Teaching in a Blizzard of Information," Issues in Science and Technology, 5, 4 (July 1989) 29-31.
    • Copy in DASH.

The following are (or were) continuously updated and can't easily be placed in the chronological order above.

(I've phased out most of these lists and moved them to the OAD wiki.)

(I've phased this out.)

(I've phased this out.)