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Gil Meche has been doing it again in 2007. After pitching six years for the Seattle Mariners with stats that made no sense, Meche signed an enormous 5 year $55 million dollar free agent contract with the Kansas City Royals as soon as again posted stats that made no sense. But this time around his stats are completely reversed from what he did in Seattle.

Meche pitched a great total of 815 innings to the Mariners and the ERA was 4.65. Not very good and 105% of what the American League ERA was in the period of time. In addition Meche's K rate was 6.4, that's fine, but his BB rate was 4.0. That's an incredibly high walk rate with his fantastic K to BB ratio only agreed to be 1.6. A very low number and definitely not really a number that a good pitcher would've. So how did Meche have higher winning percentage than his team? I don't know but have a very few ideas as to the reasons.

It is extremely challenging to train and plan for peak performance on the particular day, especially in an international land where many haven't travelled before, and remain in advance of injury. However Dara Torres, 41-year-old mother of one, is really a prime illustration of how dedicated training and bodywork can produce superior results. Ms. Torres employs two full-time massage therapists, describing their act as her "secret weapon". Bob Cooley, who says he will are suffering from "Resistance Stretching" stated that Dara is mashed and stretched for 8 hours daily! Ed Moses, another top swimmer, saw Cooley working on Torres, and that he requested a treatment then off it was- it became "news."

Anabolic androgenic steroids

Anabolic androgenic steroids fall under three classes: C-17 alkyl derivatives or testosterone esters or derivatives of 19-nortestosteone; and esters of testosterone. C-17 alkyl is soluble in water and can take orally. Examples of this type of drug include deca durabolin, anavar, anadrol, dianabol and winstrol most of these steroids are often well-liked by athletes attempting to avoid drug screen since the body can clean itself within one month. The 19-nortestorsterone derivates are oil-based; they are usually injected and absorbed into fats, where very long time energy is stored. Lastly, esters of testosterone are especially dangerous. Examples of them include Testx and cypionate. They can be taken orally and by injection.

Substances abused by athletes include therapeutic drugs, performance enhancing drugs, and typical misused drugs. Therapeutic drugs include OTCs - this includes laxatives, ephedrine, analgesics, weight reduction meds and local anesthetics. OTCshave a minimal prospect of misuse, and also have a greater probability of further injury, anemia and eating disorders. Diuretics really are a therapeutic drug that promotes rapid weight loss. It contains a dilution of illegal substances and it has a poor overall affect performance. Furthermore, it can cause dehydration, hypotension, muscle cramps and electrolyte imbalance. Opioids certainly are a prescription pain killer and therefore are most common as it allows performance while injured. However, it may increase likelihood of further injury, dependence, drowsiness and mental clouding. Lastly, beta-blockers are anti-tremor and anxiolytic effect with an adverse influence on endurance. It can cause depression, fatigue and bronchospasm.

Performance Enhancing Drugs

On the contrary, the use of performance enhancement drugs is definitely an dangerous method to acquire the edge necessary for professional sports. More and more athletes are damaging and hurting their god given athletic bodies everyday by taking theses enhancement drugs. It is commonly said that "Athletes ought to be prohibited from taking performance-enhancing substances such as stimulants and steroids since these drugs can harm those that use them" (Olivier). Legalizing theses drugs just promotes to professional and in many cases secondary school athletes who take part in competitive sports it is ok to harm one's body, that's clearly an unacceptable image being promoted. Although some say that the outcomes of performance enhancement medicine is significantly less bad as is also made out to be, they are sometimes worse. More serious consequences that are seen after taking theses enhancement drugs for example the shrinking of male testicles, high cholesterol levels and also cancer tend to be often oblivious towards the person using the drugs and in many cases oblivious to the people supporting them (Jost). If lots more people understood how seriously you could be harmed from taking these performance enhancement drugs it might be no question whether to legalize them or otherwise not.

Per a study by the New York Daily News, "in a bizarre make an effort to avoid a 50-game drug suspension, San Francisco Giants star Melky Cabrera made a fictitious website along with a nonexistent product built to prove he inadvertently took the banned substance that caused a confident test under Major League Baseball's drug program." Other sources position the blame on Juan Nunez, a consultant paid by Cabrera's agents. Regardless, people linked to Melky Cabrera experimented with deceive Major League Baseball within an unprecedented manner. A suspension isn't punishment enough; Melky Cabrera must be banned from baseball.