Roundtable discussion: Survival of the
fittest? A Darwinian take on Microsoft,
regulation and competition.

Open Code/Open Content/ Open Law
May, 1999
Cambridge Massachusetts

Committee on University Resources (COUR)
Conference, Harvard University
April, 1999
Cambridge, Massachusetts
Session: “CyberEthics: The Moral
Challenge of the Internet”

Roxbury Schools Deliberative Forum,
DoSomething, Inc.
April, 1999
Cambridge, Massachusetts
Forum subject: “fairness” in the con-
text of high school policies

Computers, Freedom and Privacy 1999 Con-
ference: The Global Internet
April, 1999
Washington, D.C.
Panel: Self-Regulation Reconsidered

Private Censorship/ Perfect Choice Confer-
ence, Yale Law School
April, 1999
New Haven, Connecticut
Paper: The Values in Open Code

Henry J. Miller Distinguished Lecture,
Georgia State University College
of Law
April, 1999
Atlanta, Georgia
Paper: Open Code, Open Society


Competing Competition Laws: Do We Need
a Global Standard?, New Eng-
land School of Law
March, 1999
Boston, Massachusetts
Panel: Is Reconciliation Possible?

Conference on Access to U.S. Capital Mar-
kets for Israeli High Tech Com-
March, 1999
Tel Aviv, Israel
Panel: Issues facing high technology
firms in the current economic and le-
gal climate

The Legal & Policy Framework for Global
Electronic Commerce Confer-
ence, University of California-
March, 1999
Berkeley, California
Panel: Setting (and Choosing) Global
Technical Standards

March, 1999
Washington, D.C.
Topic: Uniform Commercial Code
(UCC) and Spread Spectrum

Fidelity, Economic Liberty and 1937, Col-
lege of William and Mary,
February, 1999
Williamsburg, Virginia
Paper: Contestable Rights

New Directions Conference, Kennedy School
of Government,
February, 1999
Cambridge, Massachusetts


The John A. Sibley Lecture, University of
Georgia School of Law,
February, 1999
Athens, Georgia
Keynote: Internet Governance and the
Open Source Software Movement

The 1999 Forbes Forum on Management
and Policy for Chief Marketing
and Chief Communications Offi-
February, 1999
Carlsbad, California
Conference: Brand in an Era of Dis-
ruptive Technologies
Panel: Privacy: What’s Public?
What’s Private? And Who Says?

Fordham Spring 1999 Symposium on Media
February, 1999
New York, New York
Conference: Media Convergence:
Necessary, Evil or Both? The Legal,
Economic and Cultural Impacts of
Mega Media Mergers
Keynote address: Code and the Com-

The 7th Annual Charles Green Lecture in
Law and Technology, Chicago-
Kent College of Law
Chicago, Illinois
Colloquium: Kent: The School, the
Life and the Legacy
Keynote: Overcoming Antitrust: Inter-
net Governance and the Free Software

Representing the New Media Company Con-
ference, Practicing Law Institute


January, 1999
New York, New York
Keynote: Copyright’s Commons

Graduate Legal Studies Program in Georgia
Planning Meeting, Constitutional
and Legal Policy Institute,
December, 1998
Budapest, Hungary

Digital Directions Speakers Series, Univer-
sity of Virginia Law School,
November, 1998
Charlottesville, Virginia
Conference: Information Literacy
Paper: Cyberlaw: The New Frontier

1998 National Lawyers Convention, The
Federalist Society,
November, 1998
Washington, D.C.
Panel: Property Rights in the 21st
Paper: Property in cSpace

Lecture, University of North Carolina,
October, 1998
Durham, North Carolina
Paper: Internet Governance

Free Speech: Media, Law & Society Confer-
ence, Johns Hopkins University,
October, 1998
Baltimore, Maryland
Seminar: Paparazzi and Privacy


Seventh Annual Lavender Law Conference,
National Lesbian and Gay Asso-
October, 1998
Boston, Massachusetts
Panel: Issues in Communications Law

1998 Computer Professionals for Social Re-
sponsibility (CPSR) Annual Con-
October, 1998
Cambridge, Massachusetts
Conference: One Planet, One Net: The
Public Interest in Internet Governance
Keynote: Governance

Free Speech & Economic Power Sympo-
sium, Northwestern University
School of Law
October, 1998
Chicago, Illinois
Commentator on Prof. Owen Fiss’s
“Regulating Television: A New Turn in
the Law?”

The Twenty-Sixth Annual Telecommunica-
tion Policy Research Conference
October, 1998
Alexandria, Virginia
Seminar: Content Controls
Paper: The Architectures of Mandated
Access Controls

GALA Workshop, Boalt Hall School of Law,
University of California – Ber-
September, 1998
Berkeley, California


Being Connected Conference, Vanguard
September, 1998
McLean, Virginia
Presentation: Code as Law

The Program in Ethics and the Professions,
Harvard University,
September, 1998
Cambridge, Massachusetts
Keynote: Attention Spam

Aspen Summit V: Cyberspace & the Ameri-
can Frontier, The Progress &
Freedom Foundation,
August, 1998
Aspen, Colorado
Keynote: Governance

Wasatch Weekend, Do Something, Inc.,
August, 1998
Deer Valley, Utah

The Aspen Institute Internet Policy Project
July, 1998
Aspen, Colorado

Conference on Constitutionalism and De-
mocracy, New York University
School of Law,
July, 1998
Florence, Italy

Internet: Towards a New Society?, The In-
ternational University Menéndez
y Pelayo of Valencia,
July, 1998
Valencia, Spain
Keynote: Internet y la proteccion de
los derechos de la personalidad


Marshall Symposium. The Information
Revolution in Midstream: An
Anglo-American Perspective,
University of Michigan Law
May, 1998
Ann Arbor, MI
Panel: Law and Public Policy

Conference on the Internet & Society, Har-
vard University,
May, 1998
Cambridge, MA

Taiwan Net ’98
March, 1998
Taipei, Taiwan
Keynote: The Laws of Cyberspace
Seminar: The Architecture of Privacy

Textualism and the Constitution, George
Washington School of Law
February, 1998
Washington, DC
Paper: Textualism and Federalism

AALS Annual Meeting,
January, 1998.
San Francisco, CA.
Paper: Law and Interpretation Sec-
tion: Interpreting 1937..

Enforcing Constitutional Court Judgments,
Constitutional Court of the Re-
public of Georgia
November, 1997
Tbilisi, Georgia
Paper: The History of Enforcement of
Supreme Court Judgments (with Tim


State Bar of Arizona, CLE,
November, 1997
Tempe, AZ
Paper: The Laws of Cyberspace

DeWitt Higgs Memorial Lecture, Warren
College, University of California,
San Diego,
October, 1997
San Diego, CA
Address: The Laws of Cyberspace

Telecommunications Policy Research Con-
September, 1997
Washington, D.C.
Paper: What Things Regulate Speech

Academy of European Law,
June, 1997
Florence, Italy
Teaching Course in Cyberspace

Boston University Law School Faculty
April, 1997
Boston, MA
Paper: The Law of the Horse: What
Cyberlaw Might Teach.

Vanderbilt School of Law,
April, 1997
Nashville, TN
Paper: The Law of the Horse: What
Cyberlaw Might Teach.

Local Values and Global Telecommunica-
tions, National Research Council,
April, 1997
Washington, DC.


Stanford University Law School,
April, 1997
Stanford, CA
Paper: The Law of the Horse: What
Cyberlaw Might Teach.

Case Western Reserve University Law
April, 1997
Cleveland, OH
Conference: Presidential Power
Paper: Lessons from a Line Item Veto

Digital Library Initiative, University of
March, 1997
Santa Fe, NM.

Computers, Freedom, Privacy 1997,
March, 1997
San Francisco, CA
Paper: Law, Norms and Code.

Media Institute, Catholic University,
March, 1997
Washington, DC
Paper: The Constitution As Code.

G.W. U. Law School Legal Theory Work-
March, 1997
Washington, DC
Paper: Law, Norms, Code.

Harvard Law School Faculty Workshop,
February, 1997
Cambridge, MA
Paper: Reading the Constitution in


Columbia Law School,
February, 1997
New York, NY
Paper: Fidelity and Constraint.

Quinnipiac School of Law,
February, 1997
Hamden, CT
Paper: Law, Norms, Code.

Hartman Institute,
December, 1996
Jerusalem, Israel
Paper: Change in Constitutional In-

Cordell Hull Speaker’s Forum, Cumberland
School of Law, November, 1996
Birmingham, AL
Paper: Constitution and Code.

American Society of Comparative Law,
September, 1996
Detroit, MI

Fidelity in Constitutional Theory, Fordham
Law School, September, 1996
New York, NY
Paper: Fidelity as Translation.

Legal Theory Workshop, U. of Colorado at
Boulder, September, 1996
Boulder, CO
Paper: The Erie-Effect.

Law and Cyberspace, ACLU Panel,
May, 1996
Chicago, IL
Panel discussion.

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