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Lucas Welch

Lucas Welch is the founder and president of Soliya –- a new non-profit organization that works to build intercultural understanding between the US and the Muslim World and to galvanize young people to act as agents of change. The program seeks to promote constructive global engagement through its Connect Program -- a unique cross-cultural education program that directly connects university students in the US with university students in predominantly Muslim countries in the Middle East via groundbreaking online collaboration, videoconferencing and video-editing technology.

Lucas was recently named one of “the world’s Best Emerging Social Entrepreneurs” by the Echoing Green Foundation for his work with Solis. Lucas has worked in a variety of capacities related to media, new technologies and intercultural communication, specifically in the Middle East. He was the Series Associate Producer on the Shape of the Future documentary series for Common Ground Productions -– a portrayal of potential solutions to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to be broadcast in both Israel and the Palestinian Territories. He also served as the Director of Communications for America Abroad Media, where he was coordinating a videoconferencing initiative between high schools in Pakistan and the US. Prior to that, Mr. Welch was a producer for World News Tonight with Peter Jennings, where he designed new media features integrating the programming of ABC News television and abcnews.com. He has extensive experience abroad, producing video and multimedia features on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict for ABC News, and teaching video and multimedia at Birzeit University in the Palestinian Territories.