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Drastic changes in the global economy have called for drastic measures on the part of families. Certain economies in the European Union are experiencing difficulties in the economy which, unfortunately, can make a mark upon the global economy. Fortunately, the downturns of an economy do not affect the value of tourism in any country. In fact, one could consider tourism as a saving grace on which beleaguered economies can fall back to. Tourism can help out significantly in pulling an economy from a bearish situation towards a bullish outlook.

Because of the need to stick to a budget and keep holidays from being extravagant as much as possible, it is a must for tourists and holidaymakers to come up with a cheap holiday wherever possible. One can achieve budget holidays through careful planning and meticulous research. Holidaymakers can actually find accommodation that is both comfortable and cheap, since luxury is just a bonus that they can only enjoy if they have the funds required for such. What you, being a holidaymaker, actually needs to do is to make sure that you are truly enjoying your budgets holidays to Malta, for example, while keeping your expenses low. Enjoying a holiday is a result of making the right choices not only in accommodation but also in activities that you undertake or the destinations that you are going to visit. Notable places to visit in Malta are the Blue Grotto caves and the capital itself, Valletta.

The Blue Grotto Caves

The Blue Grotto caves of Malta should not be confused with the Blue Grotto cave in Capri, an island also within the vicinity of Italy. They are equally popular, and similar leading tourists to mistake one for the other. Malta’s Blue Grotto caves have a larger entrance point as compared to Capri’s Blue Grotto cave. It was one of the places in Malta that served as a facade for Achilles’ home in the 2004 movie Troy, and was featured shortly before the Myrmidons cast off for war. The name of the caves comes from the bluish illumination that is created by sunlight reflecting off the waters around the Blue Grotto. The popularity of Malta’s Blue Grotto caves comes from the fact that different caves within the area of the grotto exhibit varying shades of blue. Other caves show a darker, more vibrant blue colour while others, especially those that are nearer to the entrance of the caves, exude a lighter hue similar to the sky.

The best times to visit the Blue Grotto caves is during the early hours of the morning until just a bit after noon when the Sun is at its highest. The colours recede after 1 pm, when the Sun starts to dip towards the ground, thus making late afternoon visits fruitless.

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