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          <rev user="Jsd" timestamp="2010-02-23T18:37:55Z" comment="wording change" contentformat="text/x-wiki" contentmodel="wikitext" xml:space="preserve">This Wiki serves as an invitation to collaborate on building a learning and research environment based on Yochai Benkler's book, ''The Wealth of Networks: How Social Production Transforms Markets and Freedom'', available under a 
[ Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial Sharealike] license.

== Read the book==

''in different formats:''
* [[Table of Contents|Wiki]]: summaries, commentary, downloads
* [[Download PDFs of the book|PDF]] - in the original book format or in a paper-friendly version
* [ HTML] - formatted in separate chapters, in an easier-to-read format
* [ Searchable version available in multiple formats] ( [ html], XML, opendocument [ ODF], pdf ([ landscape], [ portrait]), [ plaintext], [ concordance ] ), SiSU
* [[Remixes]]
* Hardcopy: [ from Amazon] or [ from Yale Press]or [ Find it in a library]
* [[Translations]]

== Reviews and Blogs ==

* ''[ Lessig blog],'' by Lawrence Lessig, 15Apr06.
* ''[ Financial Times],'' Net Gains, by Paul Miller, 07Jul06.
* ''[,,9075-2266603,00.html Times Online],''  Netizens Awake, by Paul Duguid, 07Jul06.
* ''[ Rough Type],'' Calacanis's wallet and the Web 2.0 dream, by Nicholas Carr, 19Jul06. See also ''[ Benkler's reply],'' 28Jul06.
* ''[ New Statesman],'' Power to the People, by Kenneth Cukier, 04Sep06.
* ''[ German Law Journal],'' by James Brink, 01Oct06.
* ''[ Public Knowledge],'' by Gigi Sohn, 03Oct06.''
* ''[ Rue Descartes],'' by Thierry Leterre, Feb07 (French journal edited by the ''[ Collège international de philosophie]'').
* ''[ Networked Information Economy],'' by jyo3, Jul07 (Reading, review and discussion as part of the  ''[ Digital Media Program at the UW]'').
*''[ denoer blog],'' by Randa Williams, 29Jul07.
*''[ Power To The People] by JohnWayne Liston, Jul07 (Net e-conomics: ''[ MC Digital Media; University Washington]'')
*''[ A Moment of Opportunity],'' by MegMcG, 29Jul07 (Net e-conomics: ''[ MC Digital Media; University of Washington]'')
*''[ The Wealth of Networks] by Corey Gil, Jul07 (Net e-conomics: ''[ MC Digital Media; University Washington]'')
*''[ Wealth of Networks] by Nancy Dick, Jul07 (Net e-conomics: ''[ MC Digital Media; University Washington]'')
*''[ Wealth of Networks] by Carrie Rolph, Jul07 (Net e-conomics: ''[ MC Digital Media; University Washington]'')
* ''[ Weekly KM Blog],'' by Stan Garfield, 08Aug07.

== Discussions ==

* [ Crooked Timber] (Net-seminar)
* [ NetEconomics] (graduate seminar at UW-Seattle)

== Interviews ==

* ''[ OpenBusiness]'' 
* ''[ OpenDemocracy]'' 
* ''[ Assignment Zero]''
* Video interview @ Wizards of OS 4: question [ 1], [ 2], [ 3], &amp; [ 4].  September 14, 2006.

== Video Resources==

* [ Yochai Benkler @ Freedom to Connect, March 2007]
* [ Yochai Benkler @ Personal Democracy Forum, 2007]
* [ Yochai Benkler @ the Center for American Progress, May 31, 2006]

== Audio Resources==

* [ Yochai Benkler @ Boalt Hall (Berkeley School of Law), April 2006]

== Using this wiki ==

The basic idea is to make this Wiki a place for at least five things:

# Collaborate on writing a summary of the ideas and claims of the book (see [[Table of Contents]])
# Collaborate on writing commentaries and elaborating and refining the presentation
# Provide an easy platform through which to access underlying research materials: 
#* those used in the book's notes
#* and resources that are useful for further research, refinement, and updating
# Describe, link to, and analyze examples of the phenomena the book describes
#* The purpose is not to “make the case” for the book or find “gotcha” counter examples.  What we are trying to do is provide a real research tool, annotated bibliography, and platform for collaborative learning. Examples and counter-examples should be selected and described with that purpose in mind.
# Demonstrate and discover what is valuable in a learning platform
#* Through separate pages devoted to ideas and experiments of what can be done with an online book to make it a learning platform, we hope to expand the range of uses to which this Wiki can be available.
#* Through creative, systematic and interactive uses of this wiki, we hope to enhance our individual and collective skills &amp; experience in a wiki world

=== Growing this Wiki ===

* [[Growing this Wiki]]: Ideas for how to help the wiki grow and be useful

=== A Wiki User's Guide ===

See the [ User's Guide] for usage and configuration help.

Please use the [[Sandbox]] for experiments and to get acquainted with this wiki.