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==Welcome to the Wealth of Networks Wiki Community==
[http://chaba.info/sopra-e/ sopra e sotto il ponte] [http://nobinters.org/hifi.htm hifi 5 1] [http://nobinters.org/filmati-hard.htm filmati hard selen gratis] [http://helmed.info/topic/hard-disc/ hard disc iomega 250gb firewire] [http://psisemiya.com/images/small/gerico/ gerico 2004] [http://kinunia.cn/boogyman.htm boogyman] [http://helmed.info/topic/coltivazione-della/ coltivazione della marjuana] [http://ustall.org/web/modena-wireless.htm modena wireless racing wheel] [http://nobinters.org/tenda-.htm tenda 3 persone] [http://kinunia.cn/tubo-gas.htm tubo gas] [http://nobinters.org/imate-.htm i-mate - jam gps] [http://ustall.org/web/nissan-micra.htm nissan micra 1.3] [http://chaba.info/pamela-cartoni/ pamela cartoni] [http://chaba.info/sun-ktv/ sun ktv] [http://amohseni.info/img/styles/sharik/ sharik] [http://helmed.info/topic/hoge-veluwe/ hoge veluwe] [http://psisemiya.com/images/small/mercanteinfiera-a/ mercanteinfiera a parma] [http://psisemiya.com/images/small/imponente/ imponente] 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: Contribute your thoughts, ideas and observations on this evolving Wiki community here.  
: Contribute your thoughts, ideas and observations on this evolving Wiki community here.  

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Contribute your thoughts, ideas and observations on this evolving Wiki community here.
Please share some information - and links - about the networked information communities with which you are involved.
Share your visions as to how this site can serve as a catalyst for The Wealth of Networks Wiki community.

References in the book?

Where is the right place in this wiki to ask or comment about references in the book?

Probably in a page that doesn't yet exist titled Bibliography - or Annotated Bibliogrpahy, into which would eventually need to be gathered all the bibliographic references from the Notes in The Wealth of Networks, suitably organized and with space for comments. In the meantime, probably this page is as good a place as any to share your comments or questions, which are very welcome.

Spanish translation

I have posted in my blog http://gruizlegal.blogspot.com/ the spanish translation of Chapter 12 of Benkler's book.

Wiki Spam

I noticed in the recent edits that the Wealth of Networks Wiki were page reverts for WikiSpam (reference to follow). I have seen some fairly effective prevention techniques for decreasing its frequency. The spammers and such cannot be allowed to win. Kchswince
I would be very happy to see such techniques implemented here. Grandpa Ruh