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Thank you so much

Hello Mr. Benkler, thank you so much for publishing your book under a creative commons licence. I noticed it because of a recommendation on Mr. Lessig's blog. I am already busy reading it. I am a Wikipedian, and I noticed that your article on Wikipedia does not have a photo. As Wikipedia is notoriously short on photos of living people, I thought I would go directly to the source and ask you to upload some photos to the Wikimedia Commons (the common media repository for re-use in all international Wikipedias).

In short: Three photos would be helpful. One portrait, one at your desk and one full size standing, under a free licence as in Wikipedias licence requirement (e.g. CC-BY-SA, GFDL or Public Domain). Thank you so much for your time. It is a great idea with the wiki.

Longbow4u 03:07, 17 April 2006 (PDT)

I forgot to add a link to first steps on Wikimedia Commons (here: First steps). Pictures cannot be embedded in Wikipedia directly from the web (to safe server load). To upload a picture it is neccessary to
  1. create an account on Wikimedia Commons (then an upload link appears on left side of screen)
  2. upload file from local harddisk
  3. add basic information in summary field (description: Yochai Benkler photographer (author):xy license: e.g. {{GFDL}} (these infos are very important)
  4. When the file is uploaded, the head line [[Image:...jpg]] can be directly embedded in all wikipedias, and the image appears in the article.

Longbow4u 03:48, 18 April 2006 (PDT)

Congratulations and thanks


Congratulations and many thanks for this ground-breaking book, and especially for publishing it under a Creative Commons licence and establishing this wiki space - a space that has the potential of becoming a center of excellence, upholding a great wealth of knowledge, in the virtually infinite, virtually free knowledge-based universe within which a new cradle of civilization is evolving. In a cascading process that continue to gain momentum towards this knowledge-based universe and that appears to be reaching a "tipping point", it will be the laws and properties of the networked information economy that will prevail. The transition seems inevitable, given that wealth in a knowledge-based universe is not constrained by the laws of conservation of mass and energy - information having zero mass and zero physical size - and is giving birth to a radically new meaning of free markets, and the publication of the Wealth of Network is a major contribution to the transition.

I welcome the opportunity to contribute in such ways as I can to the growth and development of this wiki - which I have become deeply immersed in since receiving a message about The Wealth of Networks from the <incom> list - and to explore possible avenues of collaboration - e.g. in building on the initial stub I have written for the UN NGO community as the basis for a set of case studies - and for which I have compiled extensive digital archives - on the critical and evolving role of the networked information economy in the intensive growth in scale, diversity and modalities of civil society participation in the work of the United Nations since the beginning of preparations for the 1992 Earth Summit.

I fell in love with Wikipedia when I discovered it just over two years ago, however it was not too long before some of my contributions had led to successful Votes for deletion for pages on the evolution of information habitats and information species and notably a page on red links that spoke of following the red link - entering an undefined space and planting the first seeds of presumed knowledge and understanding of an entity, trusting and committed to upholding the integrity of a self-correcting and evolving free information ecosystem - as analogous to swallowing the red pill in The Matrix, but also to contribute to the establishment and development of pages relating to the Earth Summit and the UN NGO community and not before having had the opportunity to gain valuable insight and experience in the dynamics and architecture of Wiki spaces, and and to identify some enhancements needed to strengthen the integrity of the Wiki engine and Wiki spaces. I look forward to sharing what I have learned and to learning from members in the Wealth of Network's Wiki community.

There is much more I would like to share, especially concerning La Perla Garden - 105th


Hi Prof. Benkler,

Although I've just started your book, I am very pleased to see your work in this area. I have added an reference to a wiki for a conference on Command and Control (C2) to your Growing this Wiki page. We would be honored if you would be interested in participating in the conference. It is much broader than the term C2 implies. Please look at the conference wiki page. (We have listed your book on our References and Links page.)

Russ Abbott 20:39, 10 June 2007 (PDT)