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I was interested to see some of the creative ways you have formatted the book, and especially to see the inclusion of references to the original page numbers, paragraph numbering and the concordance.

Re the concordance, the top of the page says the words are case sensitive, however, this only seems to be partially true - ie while there is a distinction between Networked and NETWORKED, it might be helpful to distinguish between between lower case & initial caps so that proper names would be easier to identify.

It would also be vaiuable, imho, to include some key phrases - e.g. networked information economy" and "peer production". These occur 221 and 166 times in the original pdf version. Incidentally, the only five instances I could find from an Acrobat search in the original of "peerproduction" were actually cases of "peer-production" in which the hyphen was at the end of a line; it appears that in the process of conversion, the hyphen was lost.

Also, would you consider publishing versions with justification & hyphenation turned off - I would imagine this would be a minor task.

With appreciation for what must have been quite intensive work (^_^)